Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Who We Are

TeraNova is an award-winning enterprise mobility management company that helps clients evaluate, implement, optimize and manage wireless solutions.

What We Do

Offload from IT and finance departments the labor-intensive areas of auditing, sourcing and managing mobility solutions.

Who We Serve

Enterprises with 300 to 10,000+ wireless devices.

Experience and expertise. Our team was deploying and managing mobility solutions including IoT networks since before it was cool. Our skilled analysts and helpdesk agents offer unparalleled service and are U.S.-based, covering all time zones.

Fast best-in-class audits. We perform a demo load and initial audit analysis in an industry leading three days. And our granular, line-by-line reporting and auditing saves clients an average of 30 percent on their annual wireless spend.

Speed to implementation. Once data access is secured, our MobilityCentral-based solution is up and running in less than one week.

Ad-hoc reporting. Standard and ad-hoc custom reports are created in minutes, generated in seconds and always exportable – unlike other companies that require a change request to process custom reports.

Extending information to end-users. Through emails and portal access, we provide all levels of an organization with access to detailed reporting. In the portal, role-based access ensures managers only see the details for their team, department or cost center. Similarly, email summaries and noti cations include only the relevant details.

Unparalleled insight and recommendations. We attack wireless expense overspending on two fronts: First, we generate recommendations based on data only, providing excellent starting points for reducing costs. Second, our experts make contextual recommendations within the nuances of the business, planning for human factors that software cannot anticipate. Together, these approaches cover virtually all possible use cases and ensure maximum cost savings.


Telecom Billing is Complex

Manual analysis and processing takes time


Every Carrier Speaks a Different Language

We normalize the data and take swift action


We Are Detectives

We sleuth the data and help catch the “bad guys” whose habits account for 15% on average of unnecessary wireless expenses


We Make Basic Changes and Trouble Tickets

Working with carries on these issues takes up a lot of time

If you have any questions, we would love to help.

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