Harmonic Filter

Save up to 20% on your electric usage/bill

  • Reduces heat and noise in the electric system
  • Reduces peak demand charges
  • protects equipment and reduces maintenance requests

Smart Water Valve

Average of 30% savings on water usage and costs

  • Solves pressure imbalances
  • Converts turbulent flow to laminar flow
  • Installs in hours – No maintenance

IoT Sensors

Save time and money with proactive sensor alerts

  • Automated refrigerator temperature sensors
  • Prevent water leak / room damage
  • Housekeeping safety panic buttons
  • 1000’s of sensors available

Free Electric & Natural Gas Bills Savings Analysis

  • Solar panels/LED lighting
  • ESG sustainability
  • Energy & telecom expense Management
  • 5G wireless backup
  • Internet/cloud/voice/security

EV Charging Solutions

Charger Options: Level 2 (32A to 80A), DCFC (Fast Chargers)

    • Purchase or finance equipment
    • Manage chargers and set charging rates, allow free charging, or restrict access by app or RFID cards
    • Choose chargers based on desired dwell time (how long cars will stay to charge)
      • Level 2 = 8-10 hours for full charge (Tesla 75D, Hyundai Ioniq, Audi Q4, VW ID4)
      • Level 3 = 8 minutes to 1 hour depending on charger size
    • Provide an amenity to residents and guests with L2 chargers. If you have parking open to the public, adding Level 3 DC Fast Chargers can create a new revenue source for EVs to stop and charge

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