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Make the Cloud work for you. It’s never been easier to leverage enterprise class software and infrastructure. Let our Cloud experts show you how to avoid overpaying and only pay for what you use by selecting from a range of Cloud services.


Your network and its security are the foundations that dictates the performance of the core technology you use to run your business. When you work with sensitive data you must be sure your network is secure. Want peace of mind? Let Triple Crown Technology review your security.


Access to quality data connectivity has become vital in today’s competitive landscape. With our extensive proprietary tools, we can identify options for connectivity within hours of a request. Whether it be fiber, broadband or wireless, we can quickly source both domestically and abroad.






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Rich was highly respected and known by all of his colleagues (including myself) as being an expert. He was also known to be very hands on and always willing to help educate, better understand and offer advice or suggestions when we hit roadblocks or challenges. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to work with Rich and I’d do it again if the opportunity presented itself.

Jeffrey Maness

Marketing and Sales Transformation, Innovation and Digital Strategy

Rich is a great leader and great problem solver. I was so lucky to have such a incredible mentor and boss. Rich is personable and engaged not only in his people but the processes and strategies. He always brought such energy and vision to our work that you couldn’t help but be inspired. Rich is pragmatic in his problem solving abilities whether it’s a technical issue, people issue, or process issue. He’s a great asset to any organization.

Kimberly Holder

Data Processing Manager II, California Highway Patrol

In working with Rich on several projects I’ve come to appreciate his technical expertise and superb project management skills. Rich demonstrates unusually strong competence across a broad range critical leadership skills, as evidenced by the outstanding scores on his Leatherman Leadership Questionnaire (the premiere knowledge-based assessment of executive leadership skills, administered internationally to nearly one million top leaders). Top qualities: expertise, insight, commitment, project leadership.

Hank Boyer

President & CEO, Boyer Management Group

Helped institute agile development methodologies into organization which made development more efficient.

Patrick Lopez

Analyst/Programmer 3, The University of New Mexico

Rich was the perfect software development manager: technical enough to lead or assist with in-the-trenches conversations about data modeling, architecture or process flow, but high-level enough to know when to let developers do their thing. He built a top-notch team at Ktech–from developers to project managers to testers–and pushed through an amazing amount of work for a small team in an efficient, fun manner.

Damon Toal Rossi

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