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The Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Cloud computing, fueled by the move to 100% virtualized environments, represents an enormous platform change that is altering the current situation of IT.


In House vs Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange has become the gold standard for business email. It increases productivity and successfully keeps people connected around the world.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Disaster recovery (DR) is the ability to handle site failures with minimal disruptions to a business. This is an essential capability for every organization, regardless of its size, sector or location.

10 Industries that Can Benefit from the Cloud

The cloud has never been a one-size-fits-all solution. It is impacting every corner of the business world, including organizations of all sizes, needs and industries.

10 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Cloud computing is a technology that uses a net- work of remote servers to store, manage, and pro- cess data, rather than the traditional local servers you might have on-site today.

Cloud for Financial Services

Financial service organizations include banks, insurance companies and securities rms. These organizations are constantly dealing with extremely sensitive and confidential information.

Cloud for Government

With modern technologies, like cloud computing, and emerging trends, like the use of mobile devices for work, government organizations are becoming eager to reshape their operations and services.

Cloud for Insurance

As with most industries, cloud is proving to be a disruptive force in the insurance sector. It opens up opportunities across the board, helping insurers achieve faster speed to market, lower costs and flexibility.

Cloud for Real Estate

Technology, especially cloud computing technology, provides huge opportunities for real es- tate organizations and should become a priority.

Cloud for Healthcare

Businesses in numerous industries have made the move to the cloud, while others still hold onto security concerns.

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RapidScale’s fully managed cloud solutions make it incredibly easy to integrate applications, users, accessibility, and efficiency into a business of any size.


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